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1449-C Miller Store Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23455
757-271-6208 Office
866-826-1108 Toll Free
888-830-0155 Fax


Toll Free: 866-826-1108
or 757-271-6208

Cardinal Messenger was established in 2006
with one goal in mind...

Set the standard for Customer Service,
Professionalism, and On-Time Delivery!

Cardinal Messenger was founded on the premise of providing your company with the satisfaction of a courier service that promotes reliability, responsibility, and accountability. Cardinal Messenger is an extension of your company, we represent you. It does not matter if you are a small, local company or a national Fortune 500 Company. We treat every client with the same attitude of professionalism and reverence. Our road to success depends on the quality of our service.

Founded in 2006, Cardinal Messenger has become the premier choice for delivery solutions in Coastal Virginia maintaining strong relationships with clients locally, regionally, and nationally. With over 40 years of experience in the logistics field, our company has grown to become the definitive partner for your delivery needs. Whether you need Intrastate Truck deliveries, a small package delivered down the street or deliveries to the eastern seaboard, our Independent couriers are ready to go at a momentís notice to service you.

As the premier choice for delivery solutions in Coastal Virginia, we strive to out-pace the competition with qualified staff to make every transaction successful with state-of-the-art technology which enables us to know where our drivers are located in the process of your delivery. As our region grows, so do the hassles of everyday roadway congestions, tunnel delays, and weather related incidents. Our dispatchers have minute by minute updates of the entire regions’ traffic catastrophes which allows us to keep you updated on our progression. This understanding in the time-critical nature of your order allows us to adapt to the conditions that lie ahead.

Why choose Cardinal Messenger?

Our industry is highly competitive with over 20 courier companies in our region. Why choose Cardinal Messenger? Because we care about the customer – not just the bottom line! Other companies in the area may have you sign long term contracts that cripple your choice to choose the service that best suits your needs. Some will promise you the world on a silver platter and not deliver on that promise. Most courier companies focus all their attention to their primary client, leaving the companies with lesser volume on the back-burner. Cardinal Messenger builds its business and reputation one client at a time, committed to you and your company. As our clientele grows, we do not neglect the companies that got us there. We stand firm in our commitments to your establishment.


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